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  • Our Akron Apartments Lay These Classic Myths About College To Rest May 15, 2018 - If someone has ever told you that college was easy, or meant to be easy, then they’re flat-out wrong. College was designed to be challenging whether you’re a young undergraduate or a veteran graduate student. No one forced you to go to college, either – perhaps there was pressure or outside influence from friends or
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  • Check Out This Unconventional But Valuable Advice For College Students April 27, 2018 - If anyone ever tells you that the college experience should be easy, don’t listen to them. Yes, your four (or five) years as an undergraduate should be nothing shy of a near-magical, hilariously fun developmental period in your life where you learn a lot about yourself, your interests, your strengths, and others around you. However,

This is my second year living at Envision and I have never been more satisfied with an apartment. I am already signing up for my third year and could not be more excited to finish out my education here. Having multiple study lounges and having Maggie’s cafe (with free printing) on top of that, has made my academics top priority and has really given me an environment for success. I have gotten to know the office staff well and they make living here pleasant and fun and they really go above and beyond for each resident. I have always felt very safe while living here, especially with the officers that patrol the property often and the locks on each door and each individual living area. The walk to class is enjoyable and short, the Internet is fast and reliable, and not to mention the included utilities and free tanning. This place really is top notch and I would recommend this place over anywhere else in the Akron area.

Hannah Schimmoeller